Track Day @Nemun Ring 2021

April 24 09:01 - 18:00
€75.00 €55.00
valid till 2021-04-14
June 5 09:01 - 18:00
€75.00 €55.00
valid till 2021-05-26
July 10 09:01 - 18:00
€75.00 €55.00
valid till 2021-06-30
August 28 09:01 - 18:00
€75.00 €55.00
valid till 2021-08-18
Event type: TRACK DAY with Lithuanian Championship and Street class Cup
Track: Nemun Ring
Location: N54.92475*, E23.70147 Kačerginė, Lithuania
Content and service availability:
Service/content   Available  Prices and clarifications
RACES YES  Races will take place at the end of the day.
LAP TIMING YES Lap timing is mandatory to all participants. No additional fee for lap timing is applied.
TIRE SERVICE YES Mobile tire service will be available during the whole event. Prices are set by the service provider.

There are no boxes on this track. We suggest bringing your own tent for the best comfort. 

FOOD YES Food will be available on the track if it will be allowed by the legal regulation. Prices are set  by the service provider.
PHOTOS YES Free of charge photos will be available on this website and/or on our face book page within 1 week after event.
INSTRUCTOR  YES On track instructors will be available for slowest group only. They will guide beginners during first two sessions.