General information about our events

CR Moto track days are dedicated for motorcycle enthusiasts who are willing to improve their riding skills on the closed tracks as well as to taste some racing. Those who wish to participate in our events have to register on our website and pay entry fee in advance. All necessary documentation is usually signed at the track in the evening before the event or in the morning before the track day starts. General conditions are the same for all of our events but time schedule and entry fees may differ for each event. For detailed info please check description of each event. 

All track day participants are usually divided into 3 or 4 groups based on their lap times.  Each group has 5-6 sessions per day. Each session lasts 20 minutes.  During the lunch break regrouping is made. Regrouping puts riders of the similar level into the same group which improves riding experience for all event participants.

At the end of the track day two / three races take place or 2 hours endurance race.
Sprint races: first race is for faster 1000 cc riders and second for the faster 600 cc riders. The last race usually is for slower riders (mixed 1000 and 600 cc bikes, but with separate classifications).
Endurance races takes 2 hours. The teams consists of 2 members. There are 3 classifications: Superbike (both team members ride with 1000 cc bikes), Supersport (both team members ride with 600 cc bikes) and Open where both team members ride with differend capacity bikes,
The races are not mandatory for track day participants so you don’t have to race if you don’t want to. In case of the three days event endurance race takaes place on the second day and sprint racers take place at the end of the third day.

During our events there are no special requirements for motorcycles however they have to be in a good working condition which means there should be no oil or cooling fluid leakage, brakes, tires and other wearing parts should be in normal working condition. Drivers have to have one piece or two piece leather or textile clothing (in case someone uses two peace clothing the jacket and the trousers has to be connected with zip), leather gloves and special boots and a helmet of course. Also we strongly recommend wearing spine/back protection.

During all of our events professional marshals and medical staff ensure safety on the track. Also tire changing, photo and feeding services are available.