Frequently asked questions

We are very happy that you noticed our event and provide you some information to answer the most common questions beeing asked by the participants of CR Moto events:

1. What is the procedure of reselling entry ticket to CR Moto events?

- Important: You can transfer your ticket to any person, but when it is two days left till the start of the event you can sell only for the person who is riding in the same group as you.
- Firstly you have to check on our web in "My events" menu if there is a "Registration transfer" button. If you can see it, then you can resell your ticket. If there is no such button, then write us an email and we will make full refund for you. Note: CR Moto has always right to buy the ticket from the participant by returning full amount which has been paid.
- First of all new person (the buyer) has to register to the event at our web Please register to the waiting list if the event is sold out.
- The person who is selling (the seller) has to go to our web and Login. In "My events" menu you fill find "Registration transfer" button under which you have to write buyer's email address.
- After changing the participant both persons (seller and buyer) will find changed status of the registration in "My events" menu. The seller will have status "Canceled", buyer - "Paid".

2. What is the cost of changing participant?

- It is free of charge when participants make it on their own through our system. If the changes are made by our staff or in case of changing the group (this option is possible only when there are places available in the new group), then 50 Eur fee is applied per one change.
- It is not allowed to sell single sessions or part of the day, you can sell only complete day or two.

3. When can I enter the track before the event?

Usually you can enter the track from 7 p.m. the day before the event starts. Please read all information about the event sent by email.

4. Where can I find the pictures after the event? When it will be published?

- We post pictures free of charge on our FB page - CR Moto.
- Usually it is being uploaded at once after we receive it from the photographer.
- We do not store more pictures in our PC's than it is uploaded on our FB page.

5. Can I cancel the event and get the money back?

Cancellations with 30 days or more notice:

Full refund - credit note. Full refund is issued only after we receive an email from the participant with the request.

Cancellations with less than 30 days notice:
No refund, no credit note. The only option  – Change of Participant. 

6. Can I get voucher or use the money on the other events if I inform about that when less than 30 days are left to the event?

If there are less than 30 days left to the event, the organizer does NOT accept returns of tickets, does not issue vouchers or transfer funds to other events. During this time, the participant can resell his ticket.

7. I did not receive confirmation about the payment, can you send it to me?

Sometimes email providers block our emails due to sensitive information we send in them (payment info). Firstly, we recommend to check your "Spam" folder. If you do not find anything there, then you can check the status of your registration in "My events" menu on our web. If status is "Paid" then you do not have to worry abut anything and just come to the event. Unfortunately we can not send you confirmation one more time.
If you paid and did not receive confirmation right away, please give us a few days to check the bank account and confirm the registration in our system.

8. Where can I find my lap times after the event?

During the event you can find all your lap times on After the event you can find all the laptimes from all events on our web in "My events" menu.

9. Can i choose my own startin number for the event?

Unfortunately, you cannot choose your own number at our events. During our events all participants receive our assigned numbers. These numbers are assigned automatically by the system and we cannot change them.

10. How can I book boxes on CR Moto events?

After you make payment please login to our web and go to "My events" menu. There you can find the box reservation button, where you can reserve or cancel a whole box or a box place in a collection box. Unfortunately, you can not choose the place in a box. It is being assigned automatically.

Prices of the boxes can be found on our web. Just click the name of the racetrack and all additional info is there.