Track Day @Most 2022

Event type: TRACK DAY for motorcycles
Track: Autodrom Most
Location: Tvrzova 5, 432 05 Most - Souš, Česká Republika
Requirements and general info about event is here.
IMPORTANT!!! This track has strict sound control. Sound of the motorcycle can’t exceed 102 db. Sound control is made at 50% of engine’s max rpm. For example if your bike’s engine can rev to 14000 then measurement will be made at 7000 rpm. This requirement is mandatory to everyone and can’t be evaded.
Content and service availability:
Service/content   Available  Prices and clarifications
RACES YES There will be races on the second day. No additional fees are applied. Participation in the race is not mandatory. 
LAP TIMING YES Lap timing is mandatory to all participants. Additional fee of 30 EUR per event for one person is applied. 
TIRE SERVICE YES Tire service is provided by the local workshop which is right on the track. Prices are set by the service provider:
BOXES YES One box costs 110 EUR/day. It is big enough to park 4-5 bikes. Boxes will become available in the evening before event. Send Email for box reservation to
FOOD YES There is a coffee shop on the track. There you can have some food and beverages for a reasonable price.
PHOTOS YES Personal photos from the track will be available at CR Moto facebook page.
INSTRUCTOR  YES On track instructors will be available for slowest group only. They will guide beginners during first two sessions.
HOTEL YES You can look for other options at
More info about the track at